150+ Good Morning Messages for Lover

# 1 Beginning the day by my side with you, energizes me to do my best. Without you, I do not know what I would be doing.

# 2 I have respect for the light. This gives me yet another wonderful chance to spend the day right in your arms each time this rises. I think I’m the luckiest girl to date a cute fairy tale prince. Good morning Sweetheart!

# 3 Today, the flowers look more stunning and the ocean is calmer than ever, so a soul with a precious heart full of love is uplifted. Good morning my darling. Have a great day ahead.

# 4 I just want an alarm crushed! It wakes me every day, when I have a dream of you. Well, beautiful Good morning!

# 5 In my thoughts I send you lots of hugs and kisses. I hope you are feeling it. I also want to see you always before my eyes as I open my eyes.

# 6 Let me fill your morning with tenderness, solicitude, affection and devotion from now until the end of our day.

# 7 Coffee is for the most part a way to wake up, but to me it is a promise that I will spend another day with my wife.

# 8 Even though we’re both busy in the morning, it won’t stop me from taking a moment to tell you what it means to see your beautiful face when I open my eyes. I miss you, baby. Buenos días.

# 9 The night is gone, and so is the quiet, and the day is here, and the light thereof. Bonjour, my darling!

# 10 Do you know the right coffee cake recipe? Just add a spoonful of my affection, and a couple kisses.

# 11 It doesn’t matter whether I have a tea or a cup. So soon so I know you ‘re worried of me I’ll do the same. Buenos días.

# 12 It energizes me to do my best to start the day with you by my side. Without you, I do not know what I would be doing.

# 13 Light on Good Day. I can’t wait to get on with the day realizing your love helps me in everything I seek to do.

# 14 My friend, the ocean is you and the beach is I. We ‘re made for being together. I want to spend with you every single moment of my life. Better morning love!

# 15 I know you’ve had a really nice night because you’ve had a beautiful sleep, but I want you to wake up to your sweet sleep reality. Good morning my sweetheart. Have a great day ahead!

# 16 To wish the laziest person I know good morning. Depending about how soon you get off your bed and visit me in the morning the day will be good or bad for you!

# 17 Staring through the window and dreaming about you as I drink coffee in the morning is the best part of my day. Pretty good morning.

# 18 You are especially sweet and frail in the morning, all that I want is to hold you in my arms and never let you go.

# 19 Waking up next to you means I get to see you first. You are still in my mind even though we are apart.

# 20 A smile unlocks a heart quicker than any key on earth would unlock a lock. This chilly morning, open your eyes and brighten up the sky with your gorgeous smile. Good morning love!

# 21 I’m so happy that I got a sunshine made just for me to light up my day and the sunshine is you, my darling. Good morning and I hope you have had a good night?

# 22 I know how much you want to sleep but you can’t beat me! So, get up and be prepared as we meet early! Good morning, Mr President!

# 23 My passion, my happiness, all of my joy is for you. You have the key in my heart for ever and ever. Good morning my darling.

# 24 Coffee is for the most part a way to wake up, but for me it is a promise that I will share another day with my wife.

# 25 It’s hard for me to get up in the evenings, but realizing that I’ll wake up next to you every day helps waking up early.

# 26 My darling, you are the bright light that illuminates my lonely night, the lovely music that plays in my still heart, my very first thought of the day. Good morning to the world’s most beautiful man. I love thee!

# 27 I counted my blessings and I realize that the greatest blessing heaven gave me is to wake up to tell you a very good morning and wish you a wonderful day ahead. Bonjour, my darling!

# 28 It would be more special every morning if you and me were to wake up in the same room at the same time!

# 29 Bonjour, my sunshine. It gives me much pleasure calling you my husband. Thank you for being the most conspicuous human in the world. I love you so much.

# 30 Good morning, beauty, wake up and get ready, we’ll have to come to the show at 7 pm.

# 31 Let my dear rise and shine. The sun shines brightly but there are a couple of kisses to sweeten your day. Have a wonderful day!

# 32 I am sending you ‘GOOD MORNING,’ wrapped in tenderness, lovingly bound and kissed to keep you happy all day long!

# 33 Now I wish I’m a superhero who can float over to you now, kiss your forehead and whisper how much I love you to your ears and also wish you a day as nice as you are, but because I’m not a superhero, I hope my text will tell you a very good morning my dearest lover and also make you have a beautiful day ahead.

# 34 In this cold morning, as I looked warm and comfortable to reassure myself, your face and arms first came to mind!

# 35 You filled my visions with hallucinations. My worries about happiness, and my fears about love. Buenos días.

# 36 For me mornings are intense, but knowing that I’m going to wake up next to you every day makes it easier to wake up early.

# 37 I love to wake up beside you, and now that you’re my boyfriend, I can do it forever. I love you, Girl.

# 38 I think of you every night, as I roll in my bed. I remember every sweet word you have said to me in my dreams. I will always think about you with every breath that I take. Good morning my love!

# 39 I may not be with you with coffee or breakfast in bed, but I want you to know that my heart has been with you all night long and my hope for you today is that you have an incredible day. Good morning love!

# 40 Positive thoughts are the best for a tired morning and I am dreaming of you, Baby!

# 41 “I long for the day when, every morning, I will open my eyes and see you next to me immediately. I will be here for you forever.

# 42 Today is another day, full of new hopes and dreams, but the one thing that is stable in my life is my love for you every single day. I really can’t wait to kiss you and hug you! Good morning, sweetheart!

# 43 I have never had the same joy of drinking coffee as I do with you. I love our morning coffee and I dearly miss it when we’re apart.

# 44 I hope you know how good it feels to wake up each morning thinking you’re mine and I’m yours? My love, that’s almost beautiful. Bonjour, my darling!

# 45 Without your thoughts going through my mind, without seeing your beautiful smile and wishing you a good morning, my days are incomplete. My heart wants good morning.

# 46 Your love adds more radiance to my life compared with the sunlight of hundreds of suns.

# 47 When you entered my life, bring with you all the love that anybody will ever give me. Have a wonderful day, my dear.

# 48 Lift up my dear, and shine. The sun shines brilliantly so here are a pair of kisses to sweeten your day. Have a wonderful day!

# 49 Take a love note with you to work today, because I can’t be with you all day. Have a nice day my friend.

# 50 My darling, with your true love you have replaced all my worries with happiness, my fears with vibrant dreams and all my anxiety. I will always appreciate you. My hero … Good morning!

# 51 You ‘re the reason I wake up every day with a smile on my face and love flares in my gut.

# 52 Good morning beautiful .. you filled me with your affection and care … I just want to wake up with you …… miss you.

# 53 I’m the luckiest girl in the world, because every night I see you in my dreams and then every day I see you in life. Bonjour, love.

# 54 I love to have my skin warmed by the sun in the morning, so I thought I’d give you some comfort and a nice morning kisses.

# 55 Without you the morning feels so lonely my love. The first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up is how much I wish you would be with me to give those cuddles and warm hugs. I always love you. Good morning love!

# 56 In a world of a thousand possibilities there could be a thousand combinations. But I am fortunate to wake up every morning realizing that you are with me!

# 57 My face is smile and my heart is love. True happiness comes to visit me every morning when I wake up and that’s why you are.

# 58 I love to wake up beside you, and now that you’re my husband, I can do it forever. I love you, Girl.

# 59 I used to cuddle my pillow at night, but now I wake up each morning with a smile next to you. Good sunshine by the morning!

# 60 My love, do you know that I was dreaming about you all night long? Now I want to spend all my day with you. Good morning honey!

# 61 I thank God that I have given my eyes to see your lovely face and to love the most beautiful guy of my life. A sweet Good Morning to my handsome.

# 62 I hope your morning is as luminous as your lovely eyes. I trust the rest of your day will be as sweet as our love.

# 63 Even today’s nasty weather can not spoil my day, because your love lights all around and warms my heart. Good morning, Mr President!

# 64 I can not wait until we wake up every morning together. Those good morning texts will help to close the gap between our hearts before then.

# 65 Hi beautiful, your thought brightens my day, the only thing this beautiful morning reminds me of you is my love and I can’t do anything but count down the seconds until I see you again. Good morning my love!

# 66 I want to continue my every morning with you smiling at me because no morning feels full without you. I love you, Girl. Have a good morning. Get a wonderful day.

# 67 I am grateful that I wake up every morning next to you, and lay down every night next to you.

# 68 I have never had the same pleasure of drinking coffee as I do with you. I love our morning coffee and I dearly miss it when we’re apart.

# 69 My face is smile and my heart is joy. True happiness comes to visit me every morning when I wake up and that’s why you are.

# 70 I want you to know this morning that you’re the man of my dreams and that I’m so happy you ‘re my truth too. I always love you. I never want to lose you anyway. Buenos días.

# 71 The light which you bring to my life is brighter than a thousand sunrises put together. Buenos días.

# 72 Morning is my favorite part of the day, because I see your beautiful face each time I open my eyes. I always love you. Good morning, Mr President!

# 73 In a dim day you are my sun, Like a lighthouse in a stormy sea. Thanks for all your care for me, my love Good morning, time to get ready.

# 74 I went to sleep smiling because I’d dream of you, but right now the smile on my face is because you’re not actually a dream. She’s mine. Buenos días.

# 75 He leaves me jumping for joy every morning with you. Life is now packed with passion and strength, instead of the boring days before you. Love the day!

# 76 As I can’t be with you all day, carry with you a note of love to work today. Have a great day my friend.

# 77 The best castles were built on the finest pillars, and my love for you is eternal and unbreakable. Good morning sweetheart, plenty of kisses.

# 78 The glow you bring to my life is the same as the morning sun, I feel so good with you, I feel so fun with you, because you are my life, I can’t survive without you, I wish you a beautiful morning for my boy!

# 79 Here are some hugs and kisses to get your day going. They will probably last until we meet tonight. Have a nice day, darling.

# 80 Without your dazzling smile the world is black and white and without your love my life is empty. I do love you. Buenos días.

# 81 This glorious morning I woke up and saw this gorgeous man lying beside me, and thought I was dreaming. So grateful you really are in my world. You’re the best. Bonjour, sweetheart!

# 82 Another great day of your life will be this! Wake up with a bright face with the sweet smile on it and resume your jobs. Rock dear to your day! Good morning, Mr President!

# 83 Whether I have coffee or tea doesn’t matter. As long as I know you’re thinking about me I’ll feel the same. Buenos días.

# 84 I’m so happy I got eyes to see the sun and the blooming flowers and the heart to love the most wonderful guy I know. Bonjour, beloved!

# 85 You are the reason I want to wake up every morning, you are a true joy, and I wish you a bright and wonderful day.

# 86 The sun’s dazzling colors are not as dreamy as the hugs and kisses which you gave me. You are my greatest ever dream come true. Hi good morning .. love you.

# 87 I love to have my skin warmed by the sun in the morning, so I thought I’d give you some comfort and a nice morning kisses.

# 88 The scent of hot coffee in the morning always wakes you up, I know that because you always wake up, it’s like words I forget to say good morning when I make your love.

# 89 I woke up this glorious morning, dreaming of you. I need your warm hugs and sweet kisses, in this beautiful morning sunshine. I always love you. Better morning my sweetheart.

# 90 Ahhh … seeing those eyes and that smile every morning is a real blessing, I love seeing you, I love seeing you look at me in the morning, I always feel warm within, thank you!

# 91 Sweetheart, enjoy the New Day! I’ll fill it with my raging fire, my true love, hours of fun and constant joy!

# 92 Ahhh … to see those eyes and that grin every morning is a true gift, I love to see you, I love to see the morning, I just feel warm inside, thanks to you!

# 93 You wake me with the softest of your lips. Cast the comfort with a strong concealment. Filled me with such loveliness that even the nights became to me the best days.

# 94 As the morning sunlight rages through the blinds, the only thing on my mind is being with you.

# 95 I used to cuddle my pillow at night but now every morning I wake up with a smile next to you. Nice sunny morning!

# 96 I’ve seen a lot of smiles, you know, but yours is something special and exclusive, I love to see it every morning, and what I want to do is say good morning and have a nice day.

# 97 Get up and shine for a new day has started, Let’s go out and enjoy the morning light, Welcome what this future can offer, Taste what a happy morning is!

# 98 Thank you very much for making me feel the most happy woman on earth. Loving you anyway!!

# 99 I thank the world every morning for delivering you to me. You’re my sweetest, I can’t live without you.

# 100 Joy and happiness fill my heart every time I wake up, because I found you. Pick up my sunshine and have a wonderful day.

# 101 I wake up this morning feeling alone, I go on wondering the day why I feel hollow all of a sudden I know I haven’t accepted you yet, so here I wish you a wonderful morning! Love the day!

# 102 Raising lazy bones! It’s time to welcome a new day. Welcome gladness and success. Get a wonderful day.

# 103 I can not wait until we wake up each morning together. Those good morning texts will help to close the gap between our hearts before then.

# 104 I hope you have a great day! Can the sun shine on your lovely face and bring you happiness for the entire day

# 105 Good morning for a guy whose smiles make my days sweeter and my kisses stronger.

# 106 Have a wonderful morning with my wife! I hope today, that everything can go well and that all your plans can be done in the right way!

# 107 I like how you smile at me as we open our eyes to each other in the morning, as you dress and leave for work, now it’s like a tradition to say: “Have a great day!

# 108 I turned off the alarm clock and got dressed. You ‘d already tapped at the entrance to my core before I could think about anything else.

# 109 If I meet you with sunrises and sunsets, I shall be ready to conquer your heart every single day. Bonjour, style!

# 110 Breakfast every morning when you come to me and hold me in the background … you know it’s a very good feeling, because then I feel really fortunate, have a nice day!

# 111 The time has come to say goodbye to the bright stars and greet the morning sun. Beautiful smile for me, and enjoy your day.

# 112 The fragrance of your skin is stronger than the perfume of roses; in the exquisite prison of your hands and lips I will live forever. Buenos días.

# 113 I love it when I look into your deep brown eyes each morning! Often your eyes shine like the stars in the sky, that’s why I love to see them in the morning.

# 114 You bring joy to my day, you take my fears away and you make me happy. Good morning beautiful; I greatly love you.

# 115 Proud to have you here in my life! I may not be close to you this morning to wish you, but my thoughts are with you forever! Bonjour, my sweetheart!

# 116 The best thing that has happened in my life is that I have found someone who cares for me. And after that moment, every single morning you ‘re the very first thing on my mind, baby.

# 117 A new day has started, Let’s go out and experience the morning light, Join what this future can offer, Enjoy what a good morning really is!

# 118 Let there be a fresh dawn every morning, full of luck, joy and love. Good morning, sweetie.

# 119 I love to leave you a note every time I wake up, saying, “Good morning honey, I hope you’ve been sleeping well,” because I always think of you when I’m not with you.

# 120 I feel protected from things that harm me internally, when I am with you.

# 121 Happiness is in easy stuff, so let’s enjoy doing nothing together this morning! Good morning, Mr President!

# 122 You know … it’s such a gift waking up next to you every morning, and I love that I’m the one who says to you every morning, “Have a nice day at work, honey.”

# 123 I wish you all the best in this blessed morning, and wish you all the best in this lifetime. I pray the Lord to bless you with all that you desire.

# 124 Note that my heartiest early morning prayers are with you on this gorgeous, sunny morning! I hope you can love the morning, and have a great time all day long!

# 125 You are like a ray of sunshine in my life, when dark clouds are above me and it’s so dark all around me. Your love encourages me and makes me feel something more than I ever dreamed I would do. Good morning my husband.

# 126 Have a great day ahead, and may your day be full of peace and joy. Place a smile on your nose, and have a nice morning.

# 127 Every sunrise brings me a new day in which to enjoy you. I dream about you while I play. When I open my eyes you are my first thought. I always love you. Good morning my little boy.

# 128 Baby, the moment I can’t see you feels to me like death. My head, all my thoughts are with you and what I care about. Kissing you, and have an amazing day.

# 129 I wish I could just wake you up and run my fingers through your hair, and give you a soft kiss. Buenos días.

# 130 Let’s go to the land, where the shadow of your eyes comes every morning, dear! Buenos días.

# 131 Bonjour, darling! I hope you slept well, because tonight, I won’t let you sleep. I miss you so much I can’t do anything but dream about you. May it fill your day with love and happiness. See you below!

# 132 Good feelings are the best remedy for a tired morning …… and when I think about you, I feel better. Buenos días.

# 133 I am sending you this good morning messages just to let you know that you’re in my thoughts all night long and I’ve been busy dreaming of you. Good morning my beautiful, I hope you’ve been sleeping well.

# 134 Honey, you ‘re the only reason I wake up early in the morning, because I know the sooner I wake up, the sooner I see you. Your smiley face and lovely soul are all I need in this world. Have great day!

# 135 Good morning, have a fun, beautiful and glorious morning. You’re welcome into the day’s brightness.

# 136 It’s wonderful every morning, because you are in my life. I wish I could continue with you every morning until my last breath!

# 137 Valentine’s day is every day, when you are with me. It’s such a blessing to be your girlfriend and I want you to know I love and appreciate you so much. Thank you, as you are. Have a wonderful day, and love!

# 138 My Love, I know that you love your bed, yet I hope you love me more. Get up, we ‘re going to meet early.

# 139 Enjoy the best of the sunny morning! May you bring a bright smile to your face every morning, and positivity to your life!

# 140 Give you a virtual hug so you can have something nice to continue your day. Take a bite with your morning coffee and think of me as if I was with you. It’ll be gorgeous this day, because we’ve got each other, baby.

# 141 This cold morning, I was searching for something to keep me warm … so I thought of you. Buenos días.

# 142 All I wish my life will be spent seeing the gorgeous smile in your face every day. Bonjour, my Love!

# 143 Wake up and shine, you teddy bear! Let the world think you are the greatest human being who can do something. I trust in you and I am pretty sure your lucky day is today. Love you and return to the stars.

# 144 Every sunrise gives me the opportunity to fall in love with you again. When I open my eyes you’re my first thought. I love thee. My baby Good morning.

# 145 A very good morning with good wishes, so that you will have a day full of good things and blessings and love!

# 146 You can see a lot of smiles every day, but there’s one you don’t see because it doesn’t come from my eyes, but from my hands.

# 147 You are the heartbeat pouring into my veins, you are the cure liberating me from all the pains. You are the sound of my breathing, my life would have been incomplete without you. Buenos días.

# 148 May all your preparations go well today, and may the sun shine upon your night. Nice morning and much love!

# 149 Every time I get up, it’s about the person who changed my life, finding a way to make me smile and happy, it’s you. Bonjour, my love.

# 150 Another sweet morning comes here, bringing joy and happiness and yet another opportunity to let you know you’re always in my heart. Bonjour, my Lord.

# 151 Maybe not everything goes according to your wishes, but just know that my love for you is the same. Enjoy a sunny morning here!

# 152 I go to sleep every night, and I wake up every morning with feelings that someone cares for me almost as much as I do. It’s one of the loveliest emotions. Have a wonderful day my sunshine!

# 153 I enjoy mornings as they set the right tone for the entire day we’re going to be spent together.

# 154 Your idea makes my smile brighter and my heart thrills. I hope, today my love will get you a good day! Have a great day Honey!

# 155 I think of you every time I wake up and every morning it gets bigger , stronger, lovelier.

# 156 I don’t care if the sun is rising or not, my morning only starts after I say I love you so much. Buenos días.

# 157 Sweetheart even in the morning, the sun illuminates the day and makes it shine better, get up from your bed and make my day better. Love Good morning!

# 158 In this lovely morning, I would like to recall one that is much more amazing than that. I wish to start my day with an image of my life’s greatest treasure.

# 159 Hello, beautiful, you were the first one that was most beautiful in my mind when I woke up this cool morning, I just wanted to say a good morning to the one that meant the entire world.

# 160 The light that you bring into my life is brighter than a thousand sunrises mixed together. Buenos días.

# 161 My life with you is good but far better. To you my spirit is sweet even purer. I sound good to you but better to me. It’s me and you forever, and ever.

# 162 You are my Hope on this gloomy day. Good morning, good morning sunshine, my dear.

# 163 May a beautiful guy like you have a pretty day like a girl like me. Buenos días!

# 164 I wake up today with the most perfect image of you in my head and it’s a lot better now than ever. My sweetheart, thousands of kisses to you!

# 165 I’m sipping on a hot coffee, staring at the lovely misty morning outside my apartment window and all I can think about is YOU. Buenos días.

# 166 By your love my morning ends. Your love remains with me for days to come. I will never want you to suffer. Still let me be there with you. I always love you. My love Good morning.

# 167 Waking up in such a beautiful morning and starting the day with the sweetest picture of you in my mind is so nice.

# 168 Good morning, darling. The first thing I can think of is you early in the morning. Your lovely countenance is my daytime life. I’m Missing You!

# 169 Spending the morning with your kisses and hugs, is worth a lifetime! Buenos días, beloved.

# 170 I’m thinking about you Hope things are going your way. Honey, wish you all the best and have a great day!

# 171 Wake up, darling! Start a new day, you are good, you are safe and I love you, life is wonderful, enjoy it!

# 172 Bonjour, sweetie! Waking up and making this dark world, and my life a little brighter, don’t you mind?

# 173 Something was missing, but the morning is bright, so I got up from bed to send you this greeting. I love you, Baby!

# 174 Certainly it is a wonderful morning to know you are in my world. I just love you baby. Good morning, Mr President!

# 175 Boy, I am the luckiest guy on the planet, because every night I see the same girl in my sleep, and then I see her next to me. Buenos días.

#176 I’m going to sleep with a smile every night, and I know I’m going to dream of you, and I wake up with a smile on my face every morning, and you’re not just with me in my dreams. Have a nice day, my Dear!

# 177 Much as a perfect morning without its orange shade is incomplete, my morning coffee is incomplete without sending you a email. Buenos días.

# 178 You always light up my mind like this brilliant morning sun, and bring love to my life. Have a wonderful day Honey!

# 179 It’s lovely this morning, but it’s incomplete, love, without wishing you a great day!

# 180 You are the proof that the term ‘true love’ is genuine. I will always cherish you with my love, my joy, my life, my sunshine. Better sweety morning!

# 181 Look out! The world’s sexiest man got up, looked into the mirror and said to him: “Good morning.

# 182 May your morning be beautiful, full of sunlight, And may the rest of the day be even better!

# 183 Let us be kind, generous and warm to you this morning and let your day be amazing, my love.

# 184 You affect my life every day so this morning I decided to give you sweet thoughts so you might think about me.

# 185 As warm as your eyes, have a day! Good morning, Mr President!

# 186 Let my unblemished love place a calming smile on your pretty face as the cold morning wind blows you and opens those stunning eyes of yours. Bonjour, love.

# 187 I said the message to go to the world’s sweetest guy and now you’re reading it, good morning.

# 188 While we’re far from each other, Miles away, Even a sweet message from my beloved Could make me smile. Have a nice day, darling!

# 189 Happy good morning! You ‘re the kindest, most compassionate, caring guy I know and I think you’ll have a very nice day.

# 190 Good morning Sweetheart. Last night I missed my teddy bear but today I look forward to being in your arms.

# 191 Your embrace warms my heart and your kisses make my day happier! Good morning, my dear … Have a great day!

# 192 I ‘m excited to see that day, because I know I’m going to experience a wonderful love that makes my heart pound and the world go round.

# 193 Bonjour! 10 a.m. We ‘re meeting with my parents, then we’ll go shopping if you’re alive.

# 194 Bonjour, sweetheart, I love you so much. Come to me, and have a snack.

# 195 Good morning to my dream-man. I’ve always hoped we’d find each other and now that you’re here I want to count every moment!

# 196 You are the foundation that makes my life secure. I love you so much, and I think you’ve got a wonderful day before you.

# 197 I just woke up from a dream, where you kissed my lips softly. Have a special day, darling, I love you!

# 198 Your bright smile is everything I need to continue my day, but this morning, some coffee with you brightened up my day.

# 199 It’s important for me to start the day right every minute of your life-kiss me in the morning.

# 200 Whenever I get up I know you’ve already woken up, And when it’s freezing, your thoughts and words keep me warm.

# 201 Some people need coffee to wake up in the morning but all I need is to dream about you.

# 202 Great morning! I hope you have a wonderful day. I can’t wait to see you smile tonight, when you cradle me in your arms.

# 203 My mornings are wonderful, because they begin with your love, honey, and I am happy all day long!

# 204 “I like the way light enters your eyes in the morning and transforms it into a hue that doesn’t appear anywhere other than at this moment. I want everything.’

# 205 Realizing that there is someone who gets up and thinks about you, and you think about him, is a great feeling. Have a good day, my darling!

# 206 As soon as the sun rises, I just want to repeat it, the things I’ve already said that I love you so much, this morning go and spread some cheer, Wish you good morning for a wonderful day!

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