100+ Best Good Night Text Messages, Wishes, Quotes for Him

# 1 I realized that no matter how tired I am, I couldn’t fall asleep without telling you how much I love you. Good evening.

# 2 I know it’s kind of stupid, but when you’re not around, I am afraid of the dark. You are my greatest friend, and I’m finding it so hard to fall asleep without you. Good night, honey. Can’t wait to come and see you.

# 3 As the moon shines in the sky, you are my night’s brightest star.

# 4 I know it’s not true, but for me and U, my heart still believes the moon is shining. Good evening.

# 5 I know it was great today but I’m sure my dreams about you will be even better tonight. Good evening.

# 6 I have horrible dreams every time I fall asleep without you. I hope you’ll get that to stop as soon as possible. May your night be peaceful and calm and your morning be full of joy.

# 7 I know I’m going to have sweet dreams tonight, my only nightmares are when you’re gone.

# 8 Good night to the guy who brightens up my days. Sweet dreams, to the man whose love causes me to burst at the seams. To the guy who makes my life seem like a bed of roses, hugs and kisses. I just love you.

# 9 My only regret this evening is that you are not here to sleep beside me, so that I can look into your eyes until we sleep peacefully. Good evening

# 10 Without you I can not fall asleep. Its nemesis is insomnia. You are the only one that can beat this. Can’t wait to fall into your arms filling every cell of my body with this warmth. Good evening, Boy

Good Night Messages for Him

# 11 Good evening my love, for you may be far from me now, but you will be forever in my heart.

# 12 You give me a sleepless night from the excruciating dreams of losing. But when you hug me and call me yours it is all worth it. D.N.

# 13 You give me more reasons to love you each night you pass by. Every night that passes away from you gives me cause to miss you, even more. Can’t wait to see you all over again. I love you good night.

# 14 Without You I’m freezing here! How can I sleep when your warm hands do not feel on my skin? I just hope that you do better than me. Wishing you a good night and a better morning

# 15 As I drift off, I can hear you whispering in my ear and I hope you can hear my love as you sleep tonight …

# 16 I don’t mind having even the most horrific dreams, as long as you wake me up. Good evening.

# 17 Want to miss me? Because I miss you a lot. I wish we could be in every minute together. But it’s fine, it’s not changing the way I feel about you. I love you and I will always. Have a nice night, baby.

# 18 Sleep tight and good night, as I wish you all the best of my mighty dreams.

# 19 We come and go with nothing. But one wonderful thing that we gain is a little nostalgia in the mind of someone & a little place in the heart of another. Good evening.

# 20 The only thing that’s more painful than being in bed without you hugging me until I’m asleep is that I can’t wake up and look in your beautiful eyes. Good evening.

# 21 It’s just so funny I’m still scared of the dark. But there is nothing I need to think about while you are with me. I can’t wait to forget all that’s in your arms and feel your heart beating next to me. Sweet dreams, little one.

# 22 Sleep well and I hope that, when you wake up, I will be the first thing in your mind.

# 23 If you’re ever lonely, look up to the sky … Know always that I’m somewhere under the sky and I wish you all the best. Healthy evening …… sweet dreams!

# 24 Wrapping it around my hand while I play nervously with the bed sheet. It reminds me of all the times I used to play with your hair until you slept on my lap. And that’s just one of the many great times we’ve spent together and the second we wake up I can’t wait to make more memories with you. Good evening.

# 25 I hate to sleep without you. When you don’t hold me nights are endless, I feel so cold and alone. Let’s no longer sleep by myself, it isn’t something that I can handle. Good evening, and soon see you, love.

# 26 I love you more than anybody in the world and I wish you all the sweet dreams.

# 27 Hey, just dropped over there to say hello. Hope you had a great day! Good evening.

# 28 Staring at the moon on its own is not nearly as pleasant as staring in your head. You just can’t imagine how much I miss you. Good evening.

# 29 I hope you will see me lovingly in your dreams. I will do whatever it takes to make your sleep safe and peaceful. I hope this night will bring you harmony, and one hundred per cent of you will feel rested in the morning.

# 30 That’s why I sleep on my face with a smile. As you drift away tonight, may you smile at me too

Good Night Quotes for Him

# 31 If you wake me up from them, no matter how bad the nightmares were. Good evening.

# 32 Staring at the moon as I lie in bed, I can only imagine how much I want you to be here with me, to keep me company as I sleep under the light of the moon. Good evening.

# 33 When you’re not around I miss you so much. I know that you do that too. But I hope it isn’t going to make you restless. Have a great night of peace and do not forget we’ll see each other again in the morning.

# 34 Sweet dreams for an enjoyable evening and I wish you were here holding me close.

# 35 When I told you how much I miss you, I couldn’t fall asleep-love you and good night!

# 36 Although I love to sleep, it’s much more exciting to talk to you, but I’m afraid all the good things have to come to an end. So good evening, see you here tomorrow!

# 37 I wish I could just kiss you. Did you know it was my favourite to do it? May this evening be peaceful and full of sweet dreams. Miss you like crazy, you can’t wait until tomorrow to see your gorgeous face.

# 38 Good evening to my Light Knight, he who keeps my dreams far away

# 39 U is the sweetest and I love U. Good evening. Good dreams to you.

# 40 We have just one moment to say goodnight, so let’s make it last forever, as we meet in our dreams again.

# 41 Good night to the world’s most stunning man.

# 42 It might be a bare new moon but I know that our love is brighter than any heavenly object.

# 43 It was a nonstop, hectic, insane day today and I wish I had time to see you … so I’m thinking of U before I sleep. Good evening, sleep tight!

# 44 In the darkness of the night, the sight of your smile is enough to make everything around me look brilliant. Good evening.

# 45 Good night and sweet dreams, but your dreams can’t be sweeter than mine because I dream of the sweetest thing-you.

# 46 Separating yourself this night brings sorrow, because it will be dispelled in your hugs tomorrow

# 47 I have in my heart, you and only you. Sweet sweet dreams.

# 48 Either way a nightmare may seem horrible. Only your thinking turns it into your sweetest dream. Good evening.

# 49 I know that neither of us is happy to be away. But I still wish you a good night’s sleep because we’re going to be together tomorrow and have the whole day to cherish our love and fulfill our dreams. Good evening my Dear.

# 50 You may be away in your own little space but it’s a fine second place to sleep with a selfie we took this day.

Good Night Wishes for Him

# 51 You were everything I wanted from God and you are now mine. For now, I do not want anything from Heaven. Gud Nght, love you baby!

# 52 As the night shines because of the stars’ presence, my day shines brightly just with the thought that you are here with me to hug me as I sleep. Good evening.

# 53 Even if I count each and every star, because you’re the brightest one in my life, everything still seems dull. Good evening

# 54 A ideal universe is one in which you are the last thing I see every night and the first thing I see every morning

# 55 We’ve been together for a long time now and I’d just like to let you know I love you more than ever. Good evening my love

# 56 During the afternoon, time passes quicker, while the night is shorter. Because they feel like a century a minute away from you. Good evening.

# 57 Dreams my Love!! Whenever I think about how you are mine and I am yours, I get the sugar shivers down my spine.

# 58 Instead of drowning both of us in pillow talk, I just want to say thank you for being there for the worst thing I have done and turning things around. Love you. Love you.

# 59 You are the only person I would ever want to see happy. So continue to smile dear and you know I love you more than you do. Bonne nuit

# 60 My love, thank you for being in my life, for making my days better and for making me look at your beautiful eyes. Good night I love you,

# 61 Baby good night. I dream of that perfect world where you’d start each day with a kiss and start each night with a cuddle.

# 62 Morning may be easy when I know you’re going to be around but nights are harder when you can’t find your presence.

# 63 You are the brightest star of my night, as the moon shines in the sky. Good evening.

# 64 No matter how distant our bodies may be, our souls never will be separated. I love you good night.

# 65 Good night, my dear friend. As long as I wake up in the morning with a message from you, I don’t mind even having the most terrifying dreams.

# 66 While everyone else hears nothing this evening, my lullaby will be the loud beat of that heart that you excite.

# 67 I know I’m going to have sweet dreams tonight, my only nightmares are when U ‘s gone. Have a good night.

# 68 In my opinion a great night starts and ends with you. But as you’re not here, in my dreams the thought of you will have to be enough. Can’t wait to see you all over again. Good evening

# 69 I ‘m staring at the picture we’ve taken together in the morning, so I can easily spend the night in solitude. Loving the Early Night!

# 70 I’ve tried to count the stars to help me sleep this night, but without the light of your own star all their lights seem dim.

# 71 Good evening my love, for you may be far from me now, but you will be forever in my heart.

# 72 Just thinking of what could have been this night if you were here with me right now makes me shiver. Every part of my body begs to linger on your fragrance. Can’t wait to come and see you. Good evening

# 73 I wish you sleep calm this evening like never before. I’ll be by your side. Good evening.

# 74 In my mind, every night there is a battle between dreaming that I am with you and the nightmares that I lose you. I always miss you.

# 75 I think about you at night and you’re not sure how much I miss u. I love You. Good evening.

# 76 As I lay down watching TV, I wonder how much more comfy the bed would have been with your warmth, how much more funny the movie would have been with your laughter to complement it, and how much better the night would have been with your body lying next to me. Good night. I miss you.

# 77 I know how hard it is for you to fall asleep. You need to try it out. I’ll be there with you in your dreams. Hug you, Dear Ones

# 78 The stars in the tapestry of Night are scintillating, but the way you make me feel resonates so much deeper.

# 79 Your sweet dreams are wished by the bright moon, the shining stars and the sooth sky. (GN) GN!!

# 80 Even though you’re the last thought before I go to sleep and the first one after I wake up, I ‘d love if you could be the last and the first one I ‘d see every night after. I would love to have you here, to keep me safe next to me and to comfort me after a bad dream … Though no bad dream can come to me if I am next to you. Good evening. I just love you.

# 81 Baby when I give you this good night ‘s letter, it means the day was Excellent and Fascinating with you. Sweet Dreams and Good Night.

# 82 The warm feelings tonight aren’t because you’ve snuggled up, but because of the embraces in this email … and maybe some residual radiation in our pockets.

# 83 I wish the air would sing a sweet song as you sleep, the stars and the moon would pray for your beautiful dream and bloom when you sleep outside your window. Good evening.

# 84 They say you only appreciate something once it’s gone. Well, in our case, I realize how much I love you whenever you drop me off every night because I still want you to come up with me and spend the night with me. Yet in that empty bed, full of emotions about you, I sleep. Good evening.

# 85 I wish you knew I’ll always be with you. This evening-in your dreams. Go and sleep my little boy!

# 86 It’s like going out to chinese every night. I ‘m left with a sour taste from leaving you, but once you appear in my dreams, it switches to sweet.

# 87 Also wishing you “Good Night” is a message for you to know how much I love you. Good luck!!

# 88 No matter how much I look at the stars every night while I’m thinking of you, I ‘m afraid I couldn’t find one that shines brighter than you are. I love you good night

# 89 I am insane about you. I want to be with you all my life and this evening. Kiss on the lips and dream sweet.

# 90 Why say good night, when both of us know that the good times come when we see each other?

# 91 Sleep warm and good night, as I wish you all the best of my dreams.

# 92 No blanket is warmer than your embrace, so even though my body feels dry, my soul begs you to cradle me in your dry arms before I sleep. Have a nice night.

# 93 Do you know which is the world’s best man? I can tell you confidently it’s you. Good evening my superman!

# 94 Let’s rest well so we can enjoy each other’s company the next day with all the strength in the world-the world will need it to live.

# 95 I can hear you whispering in my ear as I drift away and I hope you can hear my love this evening as you sleep. Good evening.

# 96 I would love to wish you a good night, but being away from you does nothing but good for the night. So ….. I can’t wait again to see you.

# 97 My little teddy, my sweet dreams. I wish you a peaceful evening. Tomorrow, waiting for our date.

# 98 You are the reason I wake up in the morning so that we can both drift off peacefully just to wake up for another day and another part of our forever.

# 99 Sleep well and I hope that, when you wake up, I will be the first thing in your mind. Good evening.

# 100 Is it just a good night when I am not just going to sleep because I think of you?

# 101 Good night and sweet dreams to the person who brightens and colors my days! Miss you so much, honey.

# 102 I am lying here thinking of you as I am about to drift away and I am so grateful to have you as my sweetheart and love in my life and I wish you the sweetest of dreams.

# 103 When my hair is blowing in the night breeze, I imagine it’s your kisses, I miss you so much. Good Luck!!

# 104 There’s a living dream every day I spend with you, that’s there to fight the nightmares of being away from you at night. Good evening.

# 105 For I have you, I am very happy woman. So love you. Silent Time!

# 106 May your sleep be sweet and beautiful, and may you feel my love enveloping you in dreams.

# 107 God sprinkles every day tiny but beautiful seeds of blessings on earth … and I just caught one that is so beautiful and true … it is U! Good night and loving you.

# 108 No matter how much I try in my dreams to figure out the best version of you, the real one you’re even better. Can’t wait to see you all over again. I just love you. Good evening.

# 109 Close your eyes and unwind. In your dreams I will be close to you. I’ll never leave you alone

# 110 Sometimes the night is too long, but realizing I’m going to wake up to your kiss makes it easier for me to sleep.

# 111 I love all the heavenly stars, but they’re nothing compared to those in your eyes! So when I turn in for the night I’ll think about you. Good evening.

# 112 Let’s dream a date. Waiting me? Then go to bed!

# 113 My wish every night is that you kiss me goodnight all the time.

# 114 Millions of people sleep, millions eat, millions work, but the only thing that is very special for me is to read my message. Good evening.

# 115 Sit still, and dream of me. I’ll help you get good sleep. Good evening.

# 116 While longer nights may leave most heartless, you ‘re a good substitute for the dreams.

# 117 Just a line … to keep in touch … because you’re so much in my mind … and though I don’t have anything to say … you ‘re going to know … I’ve been thinking of you … good night!

# 118 Hallo! Remember – with this message, the warmth you’ll feel tonight will be the warmth of the hugs I’m sending you. Love Sweet Dreams!

# 119 May the breeze snap your anxieties away. May the darkness envelop your weaknesses, and may the stars illuminate your way to the best things to come. Love sweetie.

# 120 I wish we hadn’t to sleep apart, so I’m going to see you in my dreams, my love … Sweet Dreams.

# 121 All I am doing is dreaming about you. Hope you do the same. Wishing you a great night.

# 122 I dreamed of you and smiled the whole night

# 123 Every day you give me more reasons to fall in love with you – I ‘m thinking of ways to make you fall ever more in love with me as I sleep and dream of you … Gd Nt.

# 124 Are you sleeping? If we were to be together this night would be longer. Wish you rest well.

# 125 Something as easy as ‘good night’ means a lot to me and I wish you all the sweetest of dreams

# 126 I have no idea what I would do without you. You mean it all to me. Good evening.

# 127 No one and nothing will substitute you for me. I ‘d love to be right here next to you. Good night to my dreams man!

# 128 I want you to know, as I wish you good night, that you are the last thing on my mind before I drift off into my wonderland.

# 129 I tried to count the reasons I love you – but there were too many, and now I’m going to fall asleep thinking about you. Good evening.

# 130 Such a beautiful night. Wish you dreams are beautiful too. Miss you too!

# 131 I love you so much that when I miss you, close your eyes and come in our dreams to meet me.

# 132 I love you more than anybody in the whole world and I wish you the sweetest dreams.

# 133 You are strong and brave. I’m going to dream about you all night. Good evening.

# 134 I am as happy as I will ever be, and realizing that when I wake up, you ‘re going to be there, makes sleep a little snugger and refreshing.

# 135 U is the reason I sleep on my face, with a smile. Can you smile thinking about me too, as you drift off tonight? D-Nt.

# 136 Babe, I can’t be with you but I want to wish you a sweet dream. Night passes very fast. Wait Tomorrow for your message!

# 137 Saying good night is so hard when I already know you ‘re my dream man.

# 138 Sweet dreams for an enjoyable evening and I wish you were here holding me close.

# 139 Without you this night would be too lengthy. I just hope you’re going to sleep well. Love you! Love them!

# 140 I shouldn’t have to sleep because when I’m awake, I already have my dreams and I’m going to see you soon.

# 141 Goodnight to my Light Knight, the one who holds away my nightmares.

# 142 I wish you a good night, my dear friend. Dream me a dream!

# 143 Wishing you a good night packed with my dreams and then arouse the anticipation I will see you soon.

# 144 I wish my dream would come true one day, And I will wake up next to you. Good Night till then!

# 145 I want to be close to you, to hug you and to kiss you. Well sleep, my love. Kisses and kisses!

# 146 Think of this night as an opportunity to plan all the things we will be able to try Goodnight dear tomorrow.

# 147 I love coming back home every night. Because he is in your arms at home. Good evening my love!

# 148 Want to sleep well, and feel renewed early in the morning. Tomorrow is going to be a day full of jobs. You need to rest.

# 149 I hope this night will work like a recycler, transforming your fear, your anger and all your sorrow into trust, broken barriers and joy. Rest nice.

# 150 I ‘m thinking of U looking at the moon and want you to have my love in my arms. GN.

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