80+ Romantic Good Night Messages for Husband

# 1 Your embraces make me feel happy, your cuddles bring a stop to my fears, your kisses give my body a lift. Healthy evening

# 2 I ‘m looking forward to one thing every night; spending romantic nights with you. Good evening my dear wife

# 3 I forget all the agonizing moments the day gave me when you hug me. I forget all my worries when you cuddle me over. The touch makes me really feel happy. Good evening my dear.

# 4 My crown, I am blessed to have you day and night, in my life. Giving Goodnight

# 5 I don’t mind if the night doesn’t turn day as long as I can be in your arms, looking forward to another day with your charms. Healthy evening

# 6 The night can be dark and spooky, but there will always be a vision of my life – stunning, sunny and sexy as long as u are with me. Gud nocturne

# 7 I can’t wait to spend the night with you again. Good afternoon my darling, you will always make the night perfect for me

# 8 May it fill your night with the loving memories of our time together. I do love you, Love

# 9 Nothing looks better than a pretty smile, nothing feels better than a brush of caress. Allow me to tell you again as I wish you a good night that I love you very much.

# 10 You are the dream everybody wants to see, but only a man like me who gets his eyes opened to. Bonjour sweetheart

# 11 The night is the place to relax. So, try to sleep comfortably and hold me in your arms. My nocturnal hubby.

# 12 While physically I am not there, our souls are certainly linked together. Get a good night’s rest, soulmate

# 13 Just remember that I am the woman whose only wish is to make all your wishes come true, no matter how bad a day you had. Upper evening.

# 14 In heaven there may be millions of stars, but you are my one and only light. Super Goodnight.

# 15 Your beautiful face and loving touch can’t be any better. For me a night can’t get any better. I miss you Goodnight.

# 16 Let that gentle breeze deliver my kisses to you this evening. You are in my mind forever. Sleep well, sweetie

# 17 It may be dark at night, but your dreamy eyes make it all too vivid. The night may be silent, but it may seem like a beautiful symphony with your sweet whispers. Upper evening.

# 18 I love you like rain love flowers, like going down memory lane together. Sleep my Love close

# 19 Some days of our lives may not be as good as the others. But you can know that I’m the only living woman who wants to make your dream come true. I always miss you. Bonjour.

# 20 Good evening to my heart Husband. Boy, I miss you

# 21 I feel thankful every night for marrying a man who accepts my pastures, fixes my present and brightens my future. Good night sweetheart

# 22 Dearest friend, by this text giving you good wishes for the night. I hope your love will continue to shine out in my life with happiness like the full moon

# 23 I feel like I’m the luckiest woman in the world, every night. Honey, good night, sleep tight.

# 24 Thank you, Love, for making loving you so convenient. Tasty sweet dreams

# 25 I know I can be irritating at times because I disagree even though I’m not right, but I’m going to make up with plenty of hugs and kisses as I wish you good night

# 26 The days are warmer, and the evenings are colder. Good evening my friend, I love you forever and today

# 27 I’m always excited to meet you in my dreams, my soulmate sleeps tight

# 28 Can you rise to a morning as beautiful and beautiful as you make me feel as you sleep tonight? I love you forever and ever.

# 29 Cuddling in the night with my husband, gets things all straight. To give him a kiss, or two, takes my blues further. It makes me feel strong enough to move boulders asleep on his shoulders. Healthy evening

# 30 Good evening, my darling. I hope you have the best dreams and sleep well. I love you so much. I can’t wait until the morning to see you.

# 31 I don’t need a genie that meets all my wishes. I’ve already got everything I need. You are the brightest star that I possess. Cheers Goodnight

# 32 Have a nice rest dear night. I love you so much

# 33 Good evening to my soul mate, I am delighted to have you in my destiny. I feel blessed to be your wife, good night to the love of my life

# 34 You look so amazing when you sleep, that I can’t help looking at you. The night’s silence reminds me how deeply I have a love for you

# 35 If you hold me in your arms, I can not move a single hour. Thank you all the time, for making me feel secure. Good evening my soul mate

# 36 Good evening my love. My dream. Say Your Smile

# 37 I get through the daily grind, only because I’ve always got you in my head. If morning, day, afternoon or night, having you by my side adds light to every moment of my life. Healthy evening

# 38 If there was a way forward, I would spend the nights with you, all the days. Happy evening sweetheart.

# 39 He feels like my life is lost when you’re away from me. Yet I’m hoping for the night that you’ll be standing next to me. Have a Goodnight

# 40 I can’t wait to stay with you You give me the world. I say boo

# 41 Thank you for being the eyes that helped me to see beautiful dreams, the mind that helped me to have wonderful thoughts, the heart that helped me to have conviction and the backbone that helped me to stand strong. Good night, I love you

# 42 My beautiful love, I spent every day, every minute of my life, with ur warm kisses and close cuddles in my arms. Gud My Work Night

# 43 I wish the night had never stopped. I would just like to sleep warm in your bed. My Hubby Goodnight.

# 44 You ‘re my block. My night without you, is incomplete. I love you, baby. Healthy evening

# 45 I chant my favorite alphabet letter every night before I retire. Upper evening.

# 46 Whether my working day is good , bad or worse, I always look forward to the night because you quench my heart and thirst for my soul. Healthy evening

# 47 When I go to sleep I can’t think anything finer than your lovely face and loving hands. Super Goodnight. I love you so much

# 48 Every evening I love the way you gaze into my eyes. I can’t help falling once again in love. Tasty sweet dreams

# 49 The treat I have every night before I fall asleep is your hugs, kisses and cuddles. Lucky for me, even if they are good, these stuff do not make me fat. Upper evening.

# 50 Even though I am far away, I give you this message of good night to tell you how much I love you. Bonjour sweetheart.

# 51 Nights are dim, but my dreams are still light, because you shine like a star in them. Bonjour.

# 52 I look forward to your touch and smell every night, as I cuddle beside you. You love him dearly

# 53 All the sweetest fantasies I ever dreamed of before marriage came from YOU. All the sweetest dreams I’ve ever dreamt of after marriage were from the US. Good night, I love you

# 54 Count the stars, list the goats, count the blessings and count on me to love you forever.

# 55 The night is the place to relax. When you hug me close every night I forget all my worries. I love you Goodnight

# 56 The first thing I see every morning and the last thing I see every night is your smile. Thank you for the laughter that filled my world. Good evening, my Angel

# 57 You are my honey bun, and I can have a lot of fun with him. You are my lemon tart, a sweetheart of my childhood. You embody everything that’s good, my hubby you ‘re the treat of my life. Upper evening.

# 58 Dear friend, I give you love and wish you good night. You’ve always charmed me with your ever stunning friendly disposition and I’m grateful to have you.

# 59 I am not scared of any creatures creeping at night, for I know that I am safe in your arms. Just Goodnight.

# 60 Honey, I love you forever. See you tomorrow morning

# 61 But one, there are no promises in life-your kisses always send me sweetest dreams. Upper evening.

# 62 If all I did was sit by your side and bask in your company, life would just be perfect. Great afternoon my love

# 63 It makes us feel more in love with each other every night we spend together. Keep me in your arms forever. Bonjour.

# 64 Proud to be your wife. I love you forever and always. Good night.

# 65 One role I am profoundly proud to play in my life is to be your wife, and to love you in all respects. One thing I’ve been proud to do in my life is getting married to a husband as beautiful as you are. Healthy evening

# 66 Cheers, sweetheart. I always wanted to let you know I was worried of you. Have a night of wonder and pleasant dreams. I love you so much

# 67 I can’t imagine a single evening without thinking of you. Goodnight dear, thank you for your presence in my life and my dreams.

# 68 My heartbeat, my heart still beats to you even in sleep. Have a quiet night’s rest sweetheart

# 69 If a genius came to me and made me a wish, I’d say ‘Go away because I’ve got everything I want – my boyfriend’

# 70 I’m not afraid to shut off my lights as long as you keep coming back in my nighttime dreams. Happy Goodnight!

# 71 I know you were having a very tiring day. Yet I want you to know that you’re missing your wife and she wants you to be in her dreams

# 72 I love to sleep and to wake up night and day in your arms. Cheers good night

# 73 My life has gone from nothing to all, from bare to perfect, from slow to bright and from sad to happy after marriage. Good night for the one who took it all to life

# 74 The night can be dark and spooky, but it will always be my vision of life – stunning, sunny and pretty as long as you’re with me. Healthy evening

# 75 Do you know when it is like to spend the nights with you? I see you always looking at me when I wake up in the morning, and look at you. Nice evening, honey

# 76 You will always be my precious sweetheart. My heart, sweet dreams.

# 77 Hate is a emotion that I will never know, because you never made me feel weak. True love is a feeling I will experience all the time, because you never made me sad, not even once. Healthy evening

# 78 I stand here to embrace you, kiss you, and say good night love

# 79 Without you by my side, the nights would have been completely cold. I love you, honey and sleep tight

# 80 You hold me awake at night, so I can’t wait to have you in my arms. I love you, Girl. Upper evening.

# 81 If true love had a name, it would be yours, because both of you are identical. If true love were a human it’d be you, because there are so few guys like you. Happiness and care appear to be in your domain, for you seem to be an expert in shielding me from pain. My love, good night

# 82 Staring at the dazzling glow of the moon reflecting off your gorgeous features, all of my life ‘s troubles vanished without trace. Good night, I love you

# 83 If you want me to really dream of you at night, just stop snoring like a bear and let me sleep. Sorry to wake up with this text for the Good Night!

# 84 I love the manner you make me smile, day and night. Fine evening my darling

# 85 You were just there, anytime I needed a hand to lean on. My life doesn’t even have a hint of depression because of you. Good night.

# 86 Every day is a pure slate, a fresh start, my dear sleep well

# 87 I just looked under the bed; everything was perfect. Then I looked up and saw you lying on your bed and I was really scared. It has definitely been a hectic day in your life. Upper evening.

# 88 I am basking in the warmth of your loving embrace tonight. I Love You. Dorm tight

# 89 I wish the visions you see were as sweet and sweet as they were. Healthy evening

# 90 I live the day my dream comes true, and waking up next to you. Until then, sweet dreams my love!

# 91 Cheers! The night is for rest and not for text sending. I ‘m right next to you Goodnight

# 92 That’s how long I’ll keep loving you for ever and a day. Lucky dreams

# 93 Morning or evening-I always look at you to make my heart happy. Day or night-gazing at you takes away all my fears. Healthy evening

# 94 As I star into your eyes, I see the glory of the World. Good night.

# 95 Just remove the batteries from the clock if you want to avoid the flight free. I would love to spend this everlasting night with you, but even as time travels like a bullet, you are too dull. Healthy evening!

# 96 Every day I am intoxicated by your love. Boy, Think of Me

# 97 You are my true friend. You are the only one, as my husband. Healthy evening

# 98 You won’t be seeing your dream dinner every night. Start lamenting, and let me relax. Healthy evening!

# 99 Baby, I am confident my dreams are going to be sweet tonight because you’re going to be there. Love you guys

# 100 I just want you to know before you fall asleep that my life is perfect just the way it is. Having you as my husband and my father’s children-there ‘s no other way I ‘d ever want it to be. Upper evening.

# 101 The sun is red, the sky is blue, without disturbing you, I can not stay happy. Good afternoon my husband

# 102 Sleep in peace and wake up my angel beautifully. I do love you

# 103 The only thing I want my life changed is NOTHING. For I have EVERYTHING with you as my husband. Nice night honey

# 104 Hopefully, when I am sleeping you can rest. But you’ve just put up with my juvenile nuisances, till then!

# 105 Thank you for making our homes a place of affection. I do love you. Healthy evening

# 106 If my life were a sandwich, the cheese would be yours. If my life were a mug, then you’d be the coffee. If my life were the ocean, then you’d be the mud. Yet because my life is the way it is, you ‘re my husband – fulfilling it in every way. Upper evening.

# 107 We are both so in love that we don’t want to say goodnight to each other. How are we so tiresome?

# 108 You ‘re the first on my mind when I wake up in the morning and the last of my nighttime thoughts. Can’t help but wonder of you, my star. Lucky dreams

# 109 Life has ups and downs. Our union has its ups and downs. Yet whatever happens we are still going to let our love grow. Healthy evening

# 110 You are enclosed in my heart, though I am not there to hold you all through the night. Good evening my sweetheart.

# 111 I ‘m delighted that you’re not one of those men who change after marriage, because you’re perfect as you always were. My love, good night

# 112 Can’t wait for tomorrow to see your beautiful face. Get a good night’s rest, Lady

# 113 When you smother me with your kisses, all my troubles, all my fears, just melt away. Healthy evening

# 114 When I am in your arms I feel happiest. Giving Goodnight

# 115 The universe could be composed of the moon, the stars, the sun and the planet. Yet my world comprises only one thing and it’s YOU. Healthy evening

# 116 I love lullabies but my sleep with you beside me is sweeter. Good night,

# 117 Thanks to you, I see only one thing every night when I close my eyes-a beautiful future. Upper evening.

# 118 I go to bed with your smile every night, for it lights up my day every morning. See you tomorrow morning, my love

# 119 The sun may have fallen and it may have grown cold, but I’m grateful that I’m about to cuddle with the guy who makes my life a stroll in the forest. Upper evening.

# 120 Not to end this day without telling you how much you mean to me, mine! You ain’t my rock! I always miss you. Upper evening.

# 121 As exhausted as I am in the morning, I smile like a fairy in the night and your love gives me the wings I need to dive into sweet dreams and a world of magic – where you and I are. Great evening, Loving

# 122 With so much love I give you my loving embrace. Sleep close, loving me.

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