70+ Meaningful Good Morning Messages

# 1 “I hope your day is full of caring and gladness. You don’t know what you mean to me.’

# 2 Good Morning! You miss your sweet teddy bear … I can’t wait to see you.

# 3 I sent an angel to look after you while you sleep. But then he came back and told me that angels are not looking for other angels. Get a wonderful morning!

# 4 Every day I wake up next to you is a day I would like to live for the rest of my life.

# 5 You do, huh? I was just aware about you, because the room sounds a bit emptier when I wake up when you’re still sleeping. My heart is not pounding the same without you, and my smile is going on a long break.

# 6 The weather forecast for you today is: the rain of happiness, the wind of laughter, the fog of tranquility, the snow of pleasure, and the flower of love!

# 7 Your smile is as strong as any cup of coffee I ever had. In an instant it wakes me up and keeps me motivated for the whole day.

# 8 I love every sunrise, and every morning is a promise that I have another day to spend with my dream girlfriend. Good Morning, my heart!

# 9 Just a thought of you lets me smile like a fool. You make me feel like a spark, boy, make me blush like a girl, it’s a magic feel. Can the new day bring more fun and happy memories for you. Infinitely Love You!

# 10 You are a bright light to me. Now it is time to wake up and show you are magic to the world.

# 11 Good Morning, beloved! You are especially lovely in the morning, I love you!

# 12 Good Morning, sunshine. So glad that every morning you ‘re the first guy I’m messaging. I just wanted to wish you a day full of fun and big milestones, and I trust you. Love you and return to the stars.

# 13 Good Morning, my love. I want you to know that you are the one for me, no matter what happens today or what happened yesterday. I really love you.

# 14 You are the heartbeat pouring through my blood, you are the cure liberating me from all the pains. You are the sound of my breathing, my life would have been incomplete without you. Good Morning, my dear.

# 15 Get up, and shine, baby! I wake up every morning, and can’t believe you ‘re mine. I love you so much, baby, and I just wanted to tell you that when you take your morning coffee in a different way. Have a wonderful day, love!

# 16 You’re still all warm and snug in your bed like a newborn, but I just wanted to remind you how gorgeous and precious you are. I hope my text fills your face with a smile and sets the tone for a wonderful day full of happiness.

# 17 He was in good mood when God made you, because He made a masterpiece. Good Morning, angel.

# 18 It’s hard to be so madly in love with someone, because I can’t even sleep because I’m just dreaming about you. You ‘re the most awesome person I’ve ever known and today I want you to justify that to everyone else. Love you, Boy!

# 19 Can’t leave the day without a kiss and a hug. So, wake up and come out-I’m waiting.

# 20 When I go to bed, then when I get up, I wonder of you. Thank you for your sweetening up my life.

# 21 It only takes me a second to think about you every morning, but the soothing smile you put on my face lasts the whole day. Your smile is an inspiration to me. Your speech is what motivates me. Your love is a joy to me. I love you so much. Buenos días.

# 22 “It’s morning and I love you now more than before I went to sleep.”

# 23 Everyone shares what he has inside with others, you always charge me with optimism and with joy. Good Morning, good girl.

# 24 Others say mornings can’t be healthy. But that is just because they haven’t interacted with you. You ‘re making my fairy tale a perfect one every morning, and I’ll do anything to make you feel the same about me. Good Morning, sunshine!

# 25 “Most people need caffeine to wake up in the morning but what I need is to dream about you. Okay, who am I to be selective? I made some coffee for you, and put it on the table.

# 26 Every sunrise is bringing me a new day to enjoy you! Hope you have a wonderful day! Good morning sweetheart!

# 27 May your day be as beautiful as the garden flowers-this is my wish for you this morning. May it be as cheerful as a baby’s giggle. I love you, in the morning and at night. I say good morning to you, my heart-beat.

# 28 The sun rises in the east and sinks in the west, but I will never know that as long as you sleep in my bed, because my world revolves around you.

# 29 I open my eyes every morning, because I want to see your beautiful face. Good Morning, sweetie.

# 30 I wish you a good night’s rest and now I wish you a good morning. You are the best, and always will be. Hold my Lady bright!

# 31 “The day’s stunning sunrises remind me that real beauty can be found even inside you.”

# 32 I believe your morning will be as warm as your eyes.

# 33 I love every sunrise as it is a reminder every morning that I have another day to spend with the woman of my dreams. Good Morning, my heart!

# 34 It reminded me of you, as I looked up at the sky. It is still sunny and light. I recall how dark and cold the world will feel without you, as the cool air breezes.

# 35 I have always dreamed of meeting the person with whom I can choose morning beauty and evening charm and I met you. Good morning, my heart Queen.

# 36 Last night I went to bed with a calm smile because I know you’ll hear my thoughts …… But I woke up with a smile this morning, because you weren’t a dream. My Life Good morning!

# 37 “I miss you the most in the morning. Before your eyes open, and a smile glows through your face, this is when I most miss you.

# 38 Enjoy the Early Morning! The sky is as luminous as now!

# 39 Hey, gorgeous, you were the first one that was most gorgeous in my head when I woke up this cool morning, I just wanted to say a good morning to the one that meant the whole world.

# 40 I am right behind you, sweetheart, I love you and I want all your hopes to come true. I love you Good morning.

# 41 You’re probably sleeping right now, like a sweet little kid. I just wanted to beautiful say good morning. I just hope you’ve got a smile on your lips. Whether you don’t, you’re better off with one by now. Since your smile is pretty just too damn and I can’t get it out of my head. I hope you’ve had a great day today cutie. Good Morning, my dear.

# 42 Falling in love with a beautiful beauty like you makes every morning worth a wishing for, every second my love spent with you is a well spent second. Healthy Pulse in the morning!

# 43 For your hugs or my lust for your kisses, I will never find out which is more of my love. Yet that is one misunderstanding in which I’m able to survive as long as I get plenty of both.

# 44 You ‘re probably curious why I just sent you a good morning text after we’ve been hugging and kissing this morning, but I thought of you and wanted to say hello.

# 45 Every new sunrise gives me a fresh chance to love you more! Good morning, sweetie. Hope you have a nice and stress-free day!

# 46 Good morning to my heart beat, life to my mind, light to my eyes and life to my breath.

# 47 My favorite and most disliked part of the day is to wake up. When I’m awake I will talk to you, but my nightly dreams of you are still cut short. Good Morning my honey.

#48 My love, my heart, my joy, all and all until we met and fell in love, the morning had never been special. It is now one of my happiest moments to give you a gorgeous, good morning greeting packed with affection.

# 49 Do you know what mornings I like best? It is the moment that I once again fell in love with you. Buenos días.

# 50 I wish there was no alarm clock occasionally because this is the only thing this wakes me up when I’m dreaming about you. Good Morning, my sweetheart.

# 51 Good morning honeymoon. I just want you to know that the love I have for you is as strong as the brightest sun and will shine like it all the time.

# 52 I could say you’re finishing me … but that would be a lie because every morning when I wake up, I’m longing for you more than the day before .. good morning!!!

# 53 Sunshine in the morning … You look amazing today. How I knew? Because every single day you look great.

# 54 As the cool morning breeze blows you and opens your beautiful eyes, let my unblemished love grin your beautiful face with a soothing smile. Good Morning, love.

# 55 Falling in Love With You Worth Waking Up For Every Morning-Good Morning! – Sweetheartedness!

# 56 Arise, my dear. You are expecting roses, happiness and laughter. Good love of the morning.

# 57 You are the one I see before me, even when I close my eyes every night. You really like my dream lights. Only your idea brightens up my perfect morning. Good Morning, my heart!

# 58 Good Morning, my darling! Do you know how wonderful it is to wake myself up in your arms? I ‘m looking forward to see you here tonight.

# 59 I love spring days, fall afternoons, winter evenings and summer evenings … but I love you more!

# 60 I never thought I was ever going to fall in love again. I am so happy I found you, my life is now complete. Good morning my loved one and I wish you an amazing day.

# 61 I can’t help but smile when I wake up, and see you lying beside me. Simply since I started it with you it will be a good day.

# 62 The lovely song, singing by your window, is my friend, who decided to help me express my feelings for you. Good Morning my honey.

# 63 Waking up next to you is a joy, I just look at you as you put on my shirt and go to the kitchen to make breakfast and think Yeah, I’m so thankful she’s mine!

# 64 Being in love with you makes you worth standing up for every morning. Nice ANGEL MORNE!

# 65 Yesterday you can’t get back, you can’t look at tomorrow. So today’s the only gift you have. That’s why they call it the current. Good morning I miss you my darling.

# 66 The sun is almost rising, so maybe you are waiting to wake up. I hope it will shine, and kiss you! Have amazing day!

# 67 I know you’re the payoff for everything that I’ve done well in my life. BIG MORNING!

# 68 Yesterday’s night is over, the dawn carries with it another day. Can you look at the warm blue bay like the sunshine rays and leave your worries. Good morning my love!

# 69 You make my heart happy, and make my life as warm as the sun. Every morning I am thinking of you and I miss you a lot. Nice good morning.


# 71 Life is more of a novel. Imagine a new website every single day. So let the first words you write be, my love to you good morning!

# 72 Good morning my sweetheart, have a great day ahead. Big smile and it all turns out in a way that you like.

#73 Many people believe that they are in Heaven. Yet I have to be the first man in the world to wake up to heaven — the sight of a face as stunning as yours. Buenos días.

# 74 You may remember the simplicity of the dawn, see the brightness of the evening, experience the moments of the day and hear from a loving friend. Good Morning, my darling!

# 75 Sweetheart, hoping that you can have the morning just like mine, which is gorgeous as ever. I wish you an awesome day, and see you this evening.

# 76 Good Morning, my darling. Here’s my idea for the morning: You don’t need a lipstick. You are going to mess with perfection. Love you! Love them!

# 77 Go trustingly into your goals. Live your dreamed life. Have a great day and a good morning!

# 78 The night is stepping back little by little, And your cheeks are kissing the morning. Are you sleeping? Life is waiting for you … Playing a soft smile on your lips. Good morning, my dear.

# 79 Colorful like garden flowers so is my wish this morning for your day. Cheerful as a baby’s giggle, and is going to go today. I love you, in the morning and at night. I say good morning to you my heart beat.

# 80 They say luck is for the lazy, I don’t know, I ‘m going to be fortunate to have you by my side each time I wake up, filling me with happy morning thoughts.

# 81 Every morning I want to feel your wind … Every morning I want to wake up near you … I want to give you the light … I want to be your only one.

# 82 Life never really is perfect. It is full of twists and turns creating challenges and challenges. But it’s all worth it, because when I wake up the first thing I see is the romantic look in your beautiful eyes. Buenos días.

# 83 There are many wonderful things waiting to bring you into this new day. Wake up my beauty, and awake! Let your gorgeous smile and energetic activities be seen this morning! Have a good weekend.

# 84 Someone’s holding you, but it’s not me. It’s morning. Someone’s warming you up, but it’s not me. It’s the heat. Someone’s missing you yet enjoying you.

# 85 Even the most romantic sunset can’t match The beauty of the sight of the first rays of the sun Bouncing off my wife’s silky skin.

# 86 How do I find good morning text words that express my feelings to you? Your smile brightens my daily life even more. Good Morning, my dear.

# 87 If someone sends you greetings in the morning, it means that He thinks about you every time He wakes up. Have a nice day, sweetie!

# 88 I enjoy the morning looking at my mom. And I know the keys to my life are kept in her head. Buenos días.

# 89 Like morning sunshine, may this letter shine out your day, and remind you that you are very warmly thought of.

# 90 Good morning I hope your dreams were as beautiful as you are, my sunshine.

# 91 The strongest choice I have taken in my life was to marry you and your love is the greatest gift of my life. Buenos días.

# 92 In the morning you are the first thing to reach my head, and the last one to leave my heart at night. Good Morning, my dear.

# 93 Imagine how happy I am when I wake up and know that you are mine and I am yours. Having a wonderful morning with my sweetheart!

# 94 I wake up every morning to the idea of having a lovely wife and a caring family. I feel thankful that I have received more than I could have asked.

# 95 Good morning love. From my heart to yours, I wish you a day of bliss, love and more love.

# 96 I am reminded every morning of the greatest decision of my life-marrying the most gorgeous woman in the world. Nice sweetheart for the weekend.

# 97 A smile will complete a day. A embrace will make a happier day. So I send you my smiles and I hug your way. Have a complete and pleasant day for you! Princess Good morning!

# 98 I always thought our wedding was the best memory of my life but I was mistaken. Every single day of our marriage is a more perfect experience than the previous one. Buenos días.

# 99 Wake up feeling cold this morning, I think about you and I’m all warmed up. Nice sunlight in the weekend.

# 100 I wake up every morning to know that my life is not typical, that I have an exceptional friend. Buenos días.

# 101 A perfect way to start each day: I go back to sleep dreaming of you instead of waking up in the morning. I am late for work today. Good Morning, my girl.

# 102 I enjoy waking up every morning to the sight of a lady as gorgeous as you are, and to the idea of becoming a wife’s husband as caring as you are. Good morning love.

# 103 We have had a deal, I wake up every morning and with your good morning smile, you give me hope. I woken up now you accomplish your end. Good Morning, my dear.

# 104 My passion isn’t blind but blinded by my wife’s pure grace. Buenos días.

# 105 I think of you all my days, I dream of you all my nights, I am awake now and I need you. Good Morning, my sunshine.

# 106 Our union is the best proof that there is a Real LOVE. You are the best proof Great WIFE isn’t a myth. Buenos días.

# 107 I just woke up and I’m late for work so I’m going back to sleep to think more of you who wants work while I have you. Good morning love.

# 108 Good morning to my friend, who in my step is a hop and in my eyes a twinkle.

# 109 You ‘re my sunshine. You are my luminaire. You’re making me feel Good. I am very fortunate to have you. A sweet and caring woman too. Good morning honey!

# 110 As soon as I have my lovely wife in sight, I don’t matter if it is day or night. Buenos días.

# 111 I wake up early in the morning and you are the first thing I think about, the second is hot chocolate, the third and the fourth is you again. Good Morning.

# 112 As my wife, I always wanted you, but my heart always needed you. Buenos días.

# 113 The days remind us how fortunate and grateful we are, how grateful we are to be with our loved ones for another day, and how much we love them. I want to let you know, this morning, that I love you. Good Morning, enjoy your day!

# 114 I am grateful for two wonderful things every morning-my life and my mom. Buenos días.

# 115 I have a cup of hot cocoa and I wonder of you. I wish you were here with me to make my mood complete. Nice sweet morning.

# 116 Life is a maze and marriage is a labyrinth but it’s a heck of a fun trip with your friend. Buenos días.

# 117 You will never see the charm in your skin without the radiance of the morning light. So let us wait for the sun to shine, while I watch your bright eyes to the future. Good Morning, boy!

# 118 I took everyone with me to the supermarket, so you could rest. We’ll be back in about an hour. Clock in, and enjoy. I’ll bring brunch early!

# 119 For me the light which shines from you is more important than the morning sunlight. Let my lovely queen rise and shine.

# 120 It is a pretty morning! No, I am not referring to the album. Each morning I think about whether I should name you yours.

# 121 It is a present for you to enjoy. Keeping you is really a treasure. It’s my pleasure to see you. Promise me that I am one and only, my husband. Good Morning, my darling!

# 122 I woke up this early, needing to kiss you too hard. It is time to awake.

# 123 To wake up and hold you in my arms each morning is like a dream I never want to stop. Good Morning, my bride.

# 124 It’s a fresh day and to say how much I love you. Good morning!

# 125 Baby, stop thinking about me and wake up. Thanks for being a cause I wake up every day to be healthy. Good morning dear, the sun has come up and a new day awaits you.

# 126 Waking up early in the morning knowing that I am yours and that you are mine is everything that a guy can ask for.

# 127 Morning isn’t just the waking time of day. Morning is the beginning of another day that you will help make for me and all the lives of the people you’ll reach great. Good Morning, my dear.

# 128 10:30 a.m. I have forgotten to wake you up today for work. Only joking, I’m downstairs and making you breakfast so you can sleep in today.

# 129 Wake up quickly, My Queen. I miss you so much I want to meet you very quickly and spend the day with you. Can’t wait for more.

# 130 Listen to your ears, and turn your mind off. My dear wife I love you.

# 131 The only sunshine I’ll ever need is your kisses and your hugs. Good Morning, my dear.

# 132 I wake you up, and I know that when you wake up, our life will begin together. I hope today’s packed with the same love and enthusiasm that we spend together every other day.

# 133 The world-light is all that starts with you. The second your eyes open up, it’s like a gloomy cloud has risen up and the world is finally perfect. Good Morning, my dear.

# 134 Happiness begins the day with a message that you are so important and special to the one person in the world that matters most to you. You are most important to me so wake up quickly and comment!

# 135 Before the day I fell in love with you I never thought that true love existed. Good morning, my dear enjoy your day.

# 136 I made mistakes yesterday and I will make some today, but the one mistake I can never make is to take you for granted.

# 137 Having you in my life, my sweet girl, is the most beautiful dream which comes true. Good Morning, my sweetheart!

# 138 Watch out! It’s time for the most pretty lady in the world to wake up and resume her day.

# 139 You are the best concept God’s ever created. You are the light with which my day starts. Your smile takes away my fears. Good morning to the prettiest lady in my world. Do keep laughing, and have a nice day ahead.

# 140 I felt a bit bad that I wasn’t able to say hello to you before the job this morning. I hope you have a nice day. Carry something good-then we’ll head out for dinner.

# 141 It will rain today but I see only blue skies thanks to you. You always make my day brighter. Good Morning, my dear.

# 142 You are the first thing I am talking about in the morning. The second thing I’m talking about here is coffee. You are the third thing, once again.

# 143 My passion shines out and riseth. The sun is rising and the birds sing to let you know exactly how wonderful the morning is.

# 144 Love is a language of the heart no man understands unless he meets the one loving, compassionate and caring teacher. You are my Love Coach. Happy afternoon!

# 145 Early in the morning, the bright sunlight, the cool morning air and the chirping of birds all remind me of you … my precious angel. Thank you for always being there for me. Good morning charity. Wish you all the luck

# 146 Good morning, did you know the brain is a magnificent organ? The minute you wake up in the morning it starts working and doesn’t stop until you walk into the office.

# 147 It’s great every morning because that means I’ll spend the day with you.

# 148 I said this post to go to the sweetest guy in the world and now, Good morning, you ‘re reading it!

# 149 Do you know what I love the most? Here is your morning smile.

# 150 Hon good morning, you mean me the universe. I hope you have a nice day

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